Image: ‘Free Fall’ (dotwork), by Rostislaw Tsarenko Follow on Instagram @rostislaw_ts

As I drift off into the world unknown, my thoughts and ideas become wild and unrealistic. I feel it is my duty to prove these unrealistic thoughts that great things can happen and that I can make a change.

Somewhere in my subconscious is a vault just waiting to be opened and explored. I’m one who enjoys experimenting with art and writing, it’s the only way I find I’m able to express myself efficiently – I’m too clumsy with words when I speak.

In this journey of self-exploration, I will find the key to open the vault and unleash the answers I seek.

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10th September 2021: Take a Break

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote a post. I wish I could blame it on writers block, but the reality is I physically haven’t been able to write more than a few sentences without causing pain and discomfort in my fingers. It seems typing from the first and second year really caught […]

1st March 2020 – Mindful Photography 23rd Jan-13th Feb)

Just over four weeks ago (23rd January!), I had to opportunity to attend a Mindful Photography workshop, as part of Revival’s Ways to Well-being campaign. It was organised and run by Gerry Atkinson, a renowned Whitstable photographer, Revival café based above The Horsebridge in Whitstable and East Kent Mind the 4-week workshop would enable participants […]

31st December 2020: Semesters + New Year = Change

Blog posts are often like assignments. They get edited and revised over and over, until they’re at a decent state to post. They’ll never be perfect, because there will always be something we could always amend and tweak. (And this is one of those posts which I keep scraping, but know I need to keep). […]