Image: ‘Free Fall’ (dotwork), by Rostislaw Tsarenko Follow on Instagram @rostislaw_ts

As I drift off into the world unknown, my thoughts and ideas become wild and unrealistic. I feel it is my duty to prove these unrealistic thoughts that great things can happen and that I can make a change.

Somewhere in my subconscious is a vault just waiting to be opened and explored. I’m one who enjoys experimenting with art and writing, it’s the only way I find I’m able to express myself efficiently – I’m too clumsy with words when I speak.

In this journey of self-exploration, I will find the key to open the vault and unleash the answers I seek.

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4th October 2021: The Butterfly Farmer

*This is a blog post which takes us back in time… Just a little bit. We don’t really want to go back in time through the pandemic, but this is something which I’d written back on 25th June 2021. To keep the titles in chronological order, I haver re-dated this post to todays date: 4th […]

12th September 2021: Therapeutic Art Life Coaching

Towards the end of the Summer, I completed a course on Udemy, a global leading learning marketplace, which has an incredible range of courses available at affordable prices. It is a legitimate company designed to enhance career skills. Whilst the company themselves aren’t an accredited institution, there are few courses which allow you to receive […]

10th September 2021: Take a Break

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote a post. I wish I could blame it on writers block, but the reality is I physically haven’t been able to write more than a few sentences without causing pain and discomfort in my fingers. It seems typing from the first and second year really caught […]